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With over 30 years in healthcare leadership, Liz is an authority on leadership, employee engagement and service excellence.


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Her combination of content and anecdotes make her thoughts and ideas memorable, while her humor and enthusiasm hold the attention of your audience.

Liz Jazwiec ('Jazz-wick') has a powerful ability to relate to all levels of an audience with her sincere, engaging delivery.

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Liz's Books

Visit the Workplace Trilogy page for descriptions and videos of each book.

Eat That Cookie! is the winner of the 2010 AJN Book of the Year and named it a Must-Read Nursing Book for 2012!



Liz's second book, Hey Cupcake!, where Liz explains the traits all great leaders have - all written in Liz's trademark uplifting, humorous style.

In her final addition to the "workplace trillogy", get ready for a big helping of what you need to improve your service excellence and provide your workforce with the motivation and tools to do more with less without sacrificing quality.

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Look for Liz



11.2           Chicago, IL

                   Illinois Society of Healthcare Marketing and Public Relations. Fall Conference, Hard Rock Hotel

11.7           Wyoming, MN

11.8           Marville, TN

11.9           Chicago, IL
                    The American Association of Physician Liaisons (AAPL), Regional Networking Meeting

11.14-15   Pensacola, FL

                Studer Community Institute Entrecon

11.16        Dallas, TX

11.28        San Diego, CA

                Next Generation Patient Experience NGPX

11.29         Las Vegas, Nevada

                Studer Group Leadership Conference




12.5           Tacoma,WA

12.13         Mokena, IL

Why Liz Jaz? Because Jazwiec is impossible to spell!


I was born Liz Ross, then married Frank Jazwiec, wonderful guy, tough name. While my clients and audience always remembers how to pronounce my name correctly, sometimes they have trouble with the spelling. Some of the variations I've received include Liz Jazweic, Liz Jaswiec, Liz Jaswiez, Liz Jazwick, Liz Jazzwick, Liz Jaczewik, and Liz Jasweic. I don't get offended, especially when people ask me to autograph a copy of my book, Eat THAT Cookie!, then they have a helpful reminder.

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