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The Workplace Trilogy By Liz Jazwiec

Cover art for Liz Jazwiec's book Eat That Cookie!

Liz is the award-winning author of the bestselling books "Eat THAT Cookie!," "Hey Cupcake! We are ALL Leaders," and "Service Excellence is as Easy as P.I.E."

In this workplace trilogy, Liz shares her more than 30 years of experience and passion for leadership, engagement, and services.

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Readers enjoy her creative and viable suggestions for addressing some of the difficult issues faces organizations today.

In 2010 “Eat THAT Cookie” was chosen as a winner of the
American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year award in the leadership and management category. 

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Liz Answers The Top Questions About
Her Books

Eat That Cookie! How Workplace Positivity Pays Off... For Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Is it possible to create a positive workforce in negative times?

Yes, it is. And considering the very real, bottom-line results a positive culture creates, it’s a pretty darn good idea. But first you have to get real: About the problems you face. About how tough a job in healthcare really is. About the negative things you and your staff members do—c’mon, admit it!—to make it even tougher.

Hey Cupcake! We Are ALL Leaders

Leaders aren’t always who you think they are.


Eventually, most of us will be called on to lead someone, whether it’s a department, a shift, a project team, or a new employee. And speaker, strategist, and author Liz Jazwiec, RN, says being a good leader requires certain traits: a dash of fearlessness. The ability to tell it like it is. The willingness to learn from and laugh at your mistakes—and, Cupcake, you’re gonna make some!

Service Excellence is as Easy as P.I.E.

Providing service excellence isn’t all that hard. You just have to put the finishing touches on the pie.


Most of us work ourselves silly focusing on quality, demonstrated outcomes, and proven results. Yet too often we stop short of the final step: zeroing in on how all our hard work comes across to the patient or customer. Why do we spend so much time making sure the ingredients are right…and so little time thinking about perception?

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