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Liz Jazwiec ('Jazz-wick') has a powerful ability to relate to

all levels of an audience with her sincere, engaging delivery.

With over 30 years in healthcare leadership, Liz is an authority on leadership, employee engagement and service excellence.

Her combination of content and anecdotes make her thoughts and ideas memorable, while her humor and enthusiasm hold the attention of your audience.

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Virtual Presentations Are Now Available! 

Check Out Liz's Latest
Grief Sucks Cover.PNG

In Grief Sucks, Liz tackles the grieving experience in a head-on manner, somewhat wryly funny, and notably avoiding fluff. She pulls the rug from underneath traditional bereavement books that don’t speak to our suffering. 

Virtual Presentations Now Available 

Liz offers a variety of programs that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization and audience.


She will work closely with you to identify your specific needs for your presentation.

While large in-person events are on hold, Liz can speak with your group virtually! She can record it from her home, meet via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, or whatever platform your organization uses. 

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