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When Grief Knocks You to Your Knees, How Do You Get Back Up?

Ultimately, we all experience the tragic loss of a loved one.


Maybe that’s you right now. Maybe your self-help guide’s “brave face” collapses at the most inopportune moments.  Maybe you’re trying to console a loved one who’s entangled in a web of sorrow and despair. 


Maybe you’re struggling with what feels like insurmountable hopelessness and anguish, and wondering if it is normal.


Best-Selling author Liz Jazwiec shares her story of despite her best efforts, grief kept knocking her back to the floor.

In 2016, Liz lost her husband, Frank, of 35 years. The loss changed Liz’s life forever. Liz sought out conventional, popular modern loss books, but they all seemed to fail in the face of gut-wrenching sorrow.


This is why Liz’s latest book dons the title Grief Sucks. Because to state it any less plainly would be an injustice to the suffering we experience. Grief has no face, it doesn't discriminate, and it always takes a traumatic toll on our personal lives and careers.

Grief Sucks Cover.PNG

In Grief Sucks, Liz tackles the grieving experience in a head-on manner, somewhat wryly funny, and notably avoiding fluff. She pulls the rug from underneath traditional bereavement books that don’t speak to our suffering. 


In Grief Sucks, Liz explores grief as an affliction, not an emotion. 


  • Learn what to expect when your grieving.

  • Understand the dynamics of the “ugly cry.”

  • Recognize when the “brave face” disrupts your closest relationships and career.

  • Distinguish between the right and wrong things to say to a loved one in the throes of grieving.


Grief Sucks is more than a title, it’s the reality. Whether you have been hit by loss or are trying to deal with a grieving loved one, this real, up close, and gritty account of a universal human experience may help you in unexpected ways. Liz shows you that hope and help can come from surprising places—and however lonely you may feel at times, take comfort that there are many others who feel exactly as you do. 

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