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Customized Workshops


Let Liz design a program just for your team!


Some organizations find that a keynote is just not enough. Or they can’t narrow down Liz’s topics to just one presentation. Good News! Liz will work with you to create a 3 hour or all-day workshop constructed to meet your team’s individual needs. You can combine two of the keynotes for a 3-hour program, or take a little from all of them to make-up an all- day institute created just for you!


If you love Liz’s books, she can also build a presentation around the content of your choice. You can choose the content from one her books, or work with her to select topics from all three. Let Liz’s many years of experience in designing tailor-made programs for audiences work for you. Schedule a call with Liz and begin planning a special day for you and your team!


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