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New Post COVID-19 Offerings!

Adaptive Leadership 

In this very personal presentation, Liz Jazwiec will reveal the lessons she’s learned about being a leader in difficult times.  The participants will benefit from her healthcare management perspective and what guidance, mentoring, and direction are needed to achieve results even during the most challenging times. Her message will touch all of us as she talks about the difficult subject of leading in times of crisis, uncertainty, and sometimes even fear. You will recognize her trademark practical suggestions on supporting strong teams by focusing on collaboration, communication, and compassion. The connection between commitment and resiliency will be discussed as well as the importance of providing emotional support for team members. Liz will finish her presentation with an encouraging and resounding call to action for all leaders

Self Care for the Selfless

In this important and timely presentation, Liz will focus on the importance of self-care as an essential survival skill for anyone working in healthcare today. As practiced and skilled in helping others, we are often not so great at helping ourselves. Often, just the term self-care brings up feelings of discomfort and guilt. All participants will benefit from tactics and techniques shared to recognize stress in its early stages, implement both emotional and physical self-care strategies, and most importantly, keep ourselves from sliding into negative, self-destructive habits. She concludes with a straightforward approach to the importance of our collaboration with others in fostering a healthy work environment by focusing on our strengths as individuals as well as the abilities of our teams.

Online Coaching


Let Liz’s many years of experience in designing tailor-made programs work for you. She can coach individual leaders as well as organizational divisions and departments via on-line communication. This personalized interaction fosters development and drives results.


Or if you don’t need on-going coaching but seek more than just a keynote presentation, she will create a customized workshop for your entire team. Contact her today so that she can design a plan that will meet your and your organization’s specific needs.

Book Liz

Liz offers a variety of programs that can be tailored to the individual needs of your organization and audience.
She will work closely with you to identify your specific needs for your presentation.

While large in-person events are on hold, Liz can speak with your group virtually! She can record it from her home, meet via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout, or whatever platform your organization uses. 

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